Minnesota PBIS

What is the TFI?

The Tiered Fidelity Inventory, or TFI, is a new fidelity assessment tool that helps school teams measure their progress and implementation fidelity for all three tiers of their PBIS initiative. Action planning is also embedded in the TFI for each of the three tiers. This tool replaces the TIC, SET, and BoQ evaluations. Learn more about the TFI here.

Sustaining schools conduct the TFI three times per year: twice on their own in the fall and winter, and again in the spring with an external evaluator who completes a walk-through and helps the team action plan. See more information on the data calendar.

How to conduct the TFI

The TFI can be done as a self-assessment (you and your team can take it together internally) OR with an outside TFI facilitator (an experienced TFI user who is not from your school team but who has facilitated the TFI can come to your school, do a walk-through, and facilitate the TFI with your team).

It is up to your school team to decide when you will conduct the TFI as a self-assessment in the fall and winter. Helpful hint: this can be completed as a part of your PBIS team meeting.

Your school team will then conduct the TFI with an external evaluator at the end of the school year (March-May). If you are interested in participating in the no-cost exchange in the spring, please contact Wilder Research at pbisevalmn@wilder.org to participate. This means that your school's TFI facilitator will visit another school in your region to help them complete the TFI walkthrough, facilitate the TFI tool, and help the team to action plan. In exchange, an external evaluator from another school will visit your school to complete the TFI with your school team.

Minnesota PBIS has a training video available for new school teams and TFI facilitators. You can view this video free of charge here. This is a 45-minute video.

Additionally, PBISApps has a new video series on TFI Administration.

In order to conduct the TFI, you will need to   download the TFI Facilitation Guidebook from PBIS Apps.org. 

TIPS for conducting the TFI

Click here for more tips and tricks for conducting the TFI at your school.