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SET Evaluations

What is the SET?
The School-wide Evaluation Tool, or SET, is a research tool designed to assess and evaluate the critical features of school-wide PBIS. The SET is completed during a two-hour site visit to your school by an independent (not staff of your school) SET Evaluator. The SET assessment includes observations in classrooms and common areas, and conducting informal interviews with staff and students.

Your school will receive a report after your school’s SET is completed. This report will show how well your school is implementing the universal tier of PBIS. The SET measures specific features of PBIS implementation so your PBIS team can identify areas of strength and target areas for improvement.  

When does my school need to have a SET?
The Minnesota Department of Education recommends that all schools that are entering PBIS training have a SET completed in the fall of their first year of training, and annually in the spring thereafter, until the school reaches full implementation. Full implementation is defined as having a score of 80 or better overall and 80 or better in the domain of Behavioral Expectations Taught, or “80/80”.

Click here for a printable version of the Minnesota Department of Education’s recommended assessment schedule for PBIS schools that are in Years 1 and 2 of training.

What is the no-cost exchange for SET evaluations?
PBIS Minnesota uses a no-cost exchange approach to SET evaluations. Each school participating in PBIS training (Years 1 and 2) is expected to identify one or more staff members to be trained as SET evaluators. These school staff, who are trained by Wilder Research, will then be expected to complete a SET evaluation at another school in their area in exchange for every SET evaluation their school receives. When your school evaluates another school and another school evaluates your school without charging each other for the evaluation, then this is what makes it a "no-cost" exchange. If your school is unable to participate in the no-cost exchange (i.e., not able to identify a staff person to be trained as a SET evaluator to complete SET assessments at other schools), your school will be invoiced a fee of $150 per SET, which will be paid to Wilder Research to cover the cost of sending an independent SET evaluator to assess your school.

What if I was selected to be my school’s SET Evaluator for the no-cost exchange?
If you are a (lucky) school staff member who was selected to be the SET Evaluator for your school, go to the SET Evaluator Training page to find out how to sign up to be trained and reliability tested. Keep in mind that learning how to use the SET and actually observing how others schools in your area implement PBIS are both great ways to inform and strengthen your work on PBIS in your own school.

This is a great professional development opportunity! 

How do I schedule my school’s SET?
Your school will be matched with another PBIS school to conduct SET evaluations. It is up to you (the SET evaluator) to contact the administrator and SET evaluator at the other school to get this scheduled. Please be sure to confirm with Wilder Research by e-mailing pbisevalmn.org when your school has scheduled a SET evaluation with your partner school.

Click here for a printable version of the Minnesota Department of Education’s recommended assessment schedule for PBIS schools that are in Years 1 and 2 of training.

We try to provide most of the information about the SETs during PBIS training sessions.


If you need more information about the SET or would like to schedule a SET outside of your PBIS training session, please contact Wilder Research at pbisevalmn@wilder.org or 651-280-2960.

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