Minnesota PBIS

What is the SAS?

The Self-Assessment Survey (SAS) is used by school staff to assess the following behavior support systems in your school:

  • School-wide systems,
  • Non-classroom setting systems,
  • Classroom systems, and
  • Individual student systems.

Title: School-Wide Systems Venn Diagram - Description: One large blue circle titled School-wide with 4 smaller blue ovals overlapping inside labeled classroom, non classroom, student and family


This is a survey of all school staff that helps to identify staff priorities for action planning, especially from staff members that are not currently on your schoolwide PBIS team. It measures four of the five effective behavior support systems in your school that contribute to a positive school climate. Click here to download an overview of the SAS.

Your school team should plan to use the SAS twice if you are in Year 1 of cohort training, and once when your school team is in Year 2 of training. See the data calendar webpage for Schools in Training for information about when your school should expect to complete and use the SAS.

More information about the SAS can be found here. If you have questions about how to set up a SAS for your staff on PBISApps, please contact your RIP coordinator.