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Future/Reconnecting PBIS Schools

You can enter your school information into the Minnesota PBIS Database. This will give you access to your school's page so you can add and edit contact information that will be shared with your regional coordinator and coach, in case you have any follow-up questions.

1.) Start with a baseline TFI

The Tiered Fidelity Inventory, or TFI, measures the core features of school-wide, targeted, and intensive levels of positive behavior supports. This will be a starting point for your PBIS implementation, and help your team determine next right steps.
More information on using the TFI to get baseline implementation data here.

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2.) Get a decision system to track behavior

Your school probably has office discipline referrals for major behavior incidents. A decision support data system can summarize and provide information about individual students, groups of students, or the entire student body over any time period.
This will help your team quickly review school-wide referral patterns, and give you the ability to look at possible disproportionality by ethnicity, detailed information about individual student needs, and year-end reports to guide action planning and celebrate your efforts.
More information on a decision system here.

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