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Data from Where?

Minnesota schools participating in SW-PBIS can obtain a user account with PBISAssessment that enables staff to enter survey data and view reports and charts about survey results for their school. School and district teams use data from tools available at www.pbisassessment.org to answer a wide range of evaluation questions.To obtain a User account, Minnesota school staff should contact the Regional Implementation Project Coordinator in their area for state approval and to submit a Local Coordinator form.

  1. What school wide PBS practices are in place?

  2. Are school-wide PBIS practices benefiting students?

    Schools use a web-based School-Wide Information System (SWIS™) to collect ongoing information about discipline events in their school.  SWIS™ provides summaries of this information for use in the design of effective behavior support for individual students, groups of students, or the whole student body.  Schools may use their own district’s data system if comparable information can be retrieved.



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