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BoQ Process & Training

Step 1: Assign leader. The school principal or PBIS coach should assign a member of your PBIS school leadership team to take the lead on administering the BoQ at your school. The school principal or PBIS coach can administer the BoQ to the team, but it is also acceptable for any member of your school’s PBIS leadership team to also take the lead.

Step 2: Training video – How to take the BoQ. A member of the PBIS school leadership team views the training video, How to take the BoQ (5 minutes).

Step 3: Read BoQ instructions. A member of the PBIS school leadership team reads the “Benchmarks Scoring Guide,” which includes the instructions for completing the BoQ.

Step 4: Each PBIS team members completes the BoQ. A member of the PBIS school leadership team distributes the “Team Member Rating Form” for each team member to complete.

Step 5: Collect Team Member Rating Forms and score the BoQ. A member of the PBIS school leadership team collects all the “Team Member Rating Forms” and completes the “Benchmarks Scoring Form.”

Step 6: Enter data into pbisapps.org. Visit https://www.pbisapps.org to enter your school’s scores using your assigned school ID number.Please submit your school's scores by Friday, May 15th, 2015.

BoQ Documents



Benchmarks Scoring Guide

READ THIS FIRST. This document provides instructions for completing the BoQ. It also contains a scoring rubric for each of the 53 questions on the BoQ questionnaire.

Team Member Rating Form

Each PBIS team member completes a Team Member Rating Form.

Benchmarks Scoring Form

The PBIS coach completes this form and submits the school’s scores to pbisassessment.org. This form also includes a rubric for identifying areas of strength and development.


Additional references and training
BoQ PowerPoint Training – Introduction to the BoQ and step-by-step walkthrough on administering, scoring, and entering the BoQ.
Early Childhood BoQ – Complete this version of the BoQ in an Early Childhood Program-Wide PBIS setting.

If your school has any questions about the BoQ, please contact Wilder Research at pbisevalmn@wilder.org or 651-280-2741.

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Wilder Research

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