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About the Tiered Fidelity Inventory (TFI)

Preparing for the TFI

School teams: Schools should compile the following materials in preparation for their TFI visit. Note that your school might not use all of these items, but these data sources could contribute to a more effective and accurate evaluation:


External evaluators:

Completing the TFI walk-through

External evaluators:

  1. Walk through the school and find at least 5 (but preferably 10!) staff and at least 10 students to interview. Do not interrupt classroom time. It is okay to walk into a classroom if the door is open and there aren't any students in session. Record your answers on the TFI walk-through sheet (see attached example). 

  2. Calculate the totals for the number of staff/students that answered the questions correctly for each question item.

Completing the TFI Fidelity tool

School teams:

External evaluators:

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