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About the Benchmarks of Quality (BoQ)


How do I complete the BoQ?

  1. Visit the BoQ Process & Training section of the PBIS-MN website. A member of your PBIS team (usually the PBIS coach) should watch the training videos and read through the “Benchmarks Scoring Guide,” which provides detailed instructions on how to complete the BoQ. It is a self-guided assessment that requires minimal training.
  2. Each member of your PBIS team will complete the 53-item questionnaire. The PBIS coach at your school will compile the scores from all of the team members, fill out a scoring sheet, and submit scores on pbisassessment.org.

Is my school eligible to complete the BoQ?

Schools should complete the BoQ if they have:

  • Completed the two-year PBIS training sequence

Schools will complete the BoQ for two years and complete a SET evaluation every third year. Wilder Research will prompt qualifying schools to complete the BoQ each spring.

Does my school need to complete a SET evaluation if our school is also completing the BoQ?

No. Your school does not need to complete a SET evaluation if your school is also completing the BoQ this school year.

When does my school take the BoQ?

The BoQ should be completed in the spring of each school year (February-May each year).

What qualifies my school as a Sustaining Exemplar Minnesota PBIS school?

Schools receiving an overall score of 80% or above on a SET evaluation or an overall score of 70% or above on the BoQ will meet the first criterion in the application process to be recognized as a Sustaining Exemplar Minnesota PBIS school. For more details about PBIS-MN's school recognition system, contact the Minnesota Department of Education at MDE.PBIS@state.mn.us.


Contact Wilder Research, at 651-280-2741 or pbisevalmn@wilder.org, with any questions.

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